Workshops of 8 Women Congress


Agata Teutsch, Autonomia Foundation, Center of Girl Power ON TOUR

(in Polish)

My no means no and only yes means yes! – empowerment workshop for girls aged 8-13 (1.5 hours)

Girls have the power! – we will listen to what and how our body tells us about whether we like a certain behavior or not, whether we want something or not. We will talk about in which situations being “naughty and unkind” is very important and necessary. We will decide and discover our power. We will have plenty of time to scream, stomp and laugh. We invite girls to classes where we will practice assertive communication and marking our boundaries in the form of exercises and games.

We will make our power pins – we will draw, cut out newspapers, make collages. It will be possible to choose from existing patterns also. We will create our own pins using a special „machine” for pins! 🙂 Attention! Perhaps we will launch special stands selling pins at the Congress itself!!!


Ewa Litke-Bąk

(in Polish)

Hello, mindfulness! Introduction to mindfulness – workshop.

Nowadays, we very often hear about the importance of mindfulness in everyday life. It is talked about, among others, in the context of eating, parenting, physical movement and even managing people. However, if you think for a moment about what mindfulness really is, it may turn out that this concept is not entirely clear to most of us. Because what does it really mean to be mindful every day and what advantages does it bring?

If you are accompanied by similar dilemmas, we invite you to the workshop that introduces the practice of mindfulness. During the workshop, we will clarify some doubts you might have, talk about what mindfulness is and what are the benefits of practicing it, with particular emphasis on its relationship to stress. In a relaxed atmosphere, we will also sit down to practice together, because mindfulness is primarily practice. Thus, we will give ourselves a moment to stop, take a breath and look with care at what is going on in our soul. A little break is always a good idea 🙂


June Kathryn Minix, Women for Ukraine (in English)

How to make a Women For Ukraine-Жінки для України #stopwarrapeUKR protest against the use of rape as a weapon of war in Ukraine.

Women for Ukraine’s anti-rape protest is rooted in symbolism and meant to be both visually impactful and resonating as depicted in our unique protesting style and outfits. Participants outfits can include a white T-shirt with underwear or white leggings or shorts. Alternatively a white dress. Hands and mouths are bound and covered symbolically with the colors of the Russian flag using ribbon or tape. Red paint is used as blood on the outfits in the form of handprints and on exposed legs and underwear to symbolize the trauma of rape. The protest itself is silent as to honor the survivors and those that have passed away.


Natalia Broniarczyk, Kinga Jelińska, Justyna Wydrzyńska, Abortion Dream Team (in Polish/in English)

Pro abortion equals pro sex.

Sex and pleasure – an often overlooked part of the abortion conversation. The ban on abortion and its stigmatization is primarily about power and shame. Who has the right to have spontaneous sex and decide what to do with the „consequences”? Who is to be ashamed of these consequences and who is socially „punished” for such sex? Who is labeled irresponsibile or a slut? The workshop is aimed at everyone interested in talking about the intersection of sex/abortion/cultural norms.


Renata Piotrowska-Auffret

Our bodies as battlefields (in Polish/in English)

Women’s bodies are battlefields. It is known since the beginning of times. During the discursive and choreographic workshop, I suggest that we delve deeper into the experience of our bodies and ask ourselves the following questions: what tools of struggle does the corporeality offer us? What will we discover if we look at our bodies not only as battlefields, but as spaces of power and transformation? Can immersion in one’s own and another’s corporeality open the potential to overthrow the patriarchy? Can intuition and tenderness be a fighting tool, also during real wars, such as the one currently ravaging in Ukraine?

During the workshop we will look for the source of movement and voice in our own intuition, kinetic empathy and somatic practices. We will practice individual movement in relation to others. We will improvise together and fantasize through choreographic practices about a future that belongs to us and in which our bodies feel safe, grounded and strong.