POLISH WOMEN ON STRIKE – TIME TO ACT – list do posłanek i posłów Parlamentu Europejskiego

W imieniu nas wszystkich – Polek, które od ponad dwóch tygodni walczą o prawa kobiet, prawa człowieka i demokratyczny porządek – poprosiłyśmy posłów i posłanki Parlamentu Europejskiego o wsparcie.
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Dear Honorable Member of the European Parliament,

On 22 October 2020, the Polish Constitutional Tribunal ruled that abortions in instances where a foetus is diagnosed with a serious and irreversible birth defect were unconstitutional. This means an almost total ban on medically assisted abortions in Poland. This puts Polish women’s life in danger due to the strictest and cruellest abortion laws in the European Union and beyond.

Hundreds of thousands of Polish women – in the country and abroad, supported by their partners, husbands, fathers and sons – took to the streets to protest against this inhumane law. They stand against the government that refuses to recognise basic human rights and therefore women’ reproductive rights, that disobeys the rule of law and disrespects its own citizens.

We stay united in this protest calling for support of the European Union’s institutions and its representatives.

We count on your support.

We encourage you to print the symbol of the Polish women strike, to take a photo and to publish it in social media in support for Poles fighting for their rights and common European values (hashtags #StrajkKobiet, #SupportPLwomen). Please share also with us your tweet, FB or Instagram posts.

We would be also very grateful if you could join us at the official demonstration that will take place on 11 November at 5 pm at the Schuman roundabout. Stay assured that the organisers have the official permission from the Brussels police and will abide by the sanitary restrictions. Your presence will make a difference!

Finally, if you could make the cause of Polish women visible also at the next European Parliament plenary by wearing or having with you a symbol of the Polish women strike, it would send a strong message of solidarity.

Our organisation was created to strengthen the ties between Polish women living in Belgium, the Belgian society and the European institutions, we are also advocating for the rights of Polish women in Poland and trying to amplify their voices. We organise a yearly conference in Brussels called Kongres Kobiet w Brukseli.

The organization is called ‘Elles sans Frontières’ – ‘Women without borders’ because this is how we see the role of the women of Europe in empowering democracy and strengthening our Union. When the rights of one of the European nations are endangered, the rights of all Europeans are at risk.

Please stand with Polish women, #SupportPLwomen.

Yours faithfully,
Elles sans Frontières ASBL

FB @KongresKobietBruksela, Twitter: @KongresB