ESF wspiera Marię Kalesnikav

ESF wspiera Marię Kalesnikav, artystkę i dzialaczkę polityczna, od ponad 3 miesiecy w wiezieniu w Bialorusi, oskarżoną o dzialalnosc antypanstwową. Poniżej list, który wysłałyśmy w jej sprawie do „Investigative Committee” w Białorusi.

Our organization Elles Sans Frontières – Women without Borders based in Brussels supports all-heartedly Maria Kalesnikava’s request for an immediate release under personal guarantee.

This prolonged pre-trial detention cannot be justified as a preventive measure and violates international human rights norms. Consistent with the presumption of innocence, defendants should normally be granted release pending trial.

Maria is an example for many, as an artist and activist working on combatting violence against women. We are proud of her forceful political engagement and stamina. Her leadership during the political presidential campaign but also her courageous act preventing her unlawful deportation from Belarus are an example for women all around the world.

We are observing closely the situation in Belarus, especially the treatment of political prisoners but also the respect of the right to demonstrate of every Belarus citizen.

We are certain that Maria’s previous and future behaviour does not constitute a clear and serious threat to society which cannot be contained in any other manner as defined by the U.N. Human Rights Committee. Her previous acts have proven that she wishes to stay in Belarus and will not interfere with the investigation.

We are staying united with Maria and are demanding the Investigation Committee to reconsider the pre-trial detention decision and urge the court for her immediate release.